The Benefits of Professional Pet Sitter Services


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Customers who do the research to find qualified professional pet sitter services find happier pets when they return home. As with humans, each pet has its own needs, requirements, and personality. Most dogs and all cats are most comfortable in their home environment. It makes sense because the sights, smells, lights, and noises of another location are not familiar to them. These stimuli are especially hard on those pets who have not had a lot of social experiences, those who are aging, and those pets who may have lost their sight, smell, or hearing.

At Choices Pet Sitters, reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet is our goal. We want your pet to feel comfortable while you are away. We also care for other pets who must remain home due to size, limited off-site professional options, the danger of exposure to pathogens, and a variety of other reasons. By coming to your home to visit, rather than removing your pet from your home, we satisfy the basic pet care needs of pets who might otherwise fail to thrive in another location while you are away.

While no one can replace YOU as your pet’s stable and steady companion, an educated Choices Pet Sitters In-Home Pet Care Provider is an important consideration for your pet’s safety and long-term well being. We want to be there for you.

NOTE: If your pet requires medication, certain medications may be given on-site during a visit depending on your sitter’s experience with the procedure required and familiarity with your pet. Depending on your pet’s comfort level and the mode of administration, extra visit time may be required for sitter safety and pet comfort. Other medications may need to be given by your veterinarian in a more extensive procedure and in this case, we suggest you board your pet at your veterinarian’s office for the administration of the medication and pet monitoring. 


Pet Sitting Services Offered

Velo #1 - Cropped Short

30-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

A 30-minute drop-in pet sitting visit is perfect for 1-3 cats, one large dog, or two small dogs about the same age. Caring for pocket pets, small bird…

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2 dogs

45-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

For families with up to 3 cats, a combination of 3 small pets, those with 2-3 small to large dogs (of the same age), or those wanting more enrichment …

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4 dogs

60-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

A 60-minute drop-in visit from a Choices Pet Sitter Professional is scheduled for families with 3-4 pets, those with dogs prone to separation anxiety …

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Exercise – Dog walking

Dog walking helps loosen stiff joints, releases excess energy, offers mental stimulation, and provides a good dose of Vitamin D when it’s sunny …

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Pet Gallery - Rambo

Mini-Farm Pet Sitting Visits

If your “menagerie” includes chickens, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, mules, or horses, in addition to dogs, cats, and other domestic pets,…

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Basic Overnight Stays

Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

With Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays your Pet Pro employee stays overnight for 11 hours, with up to two pets sleeping in your designated area at bed…

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Overnight Stays

Extended Overnight Pet Sitting Stays (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

With Extended Overnight Pet Sitting Stays your Pet Pro employee stays overnight for 12 hours, with up to two pets sleeping in your designated area at …

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Do your final candidates measure up? Finding the right pet care provider will make life easier for you and your pet. To get the best value for your pet care experience look for the most highly trained individuals with stability, industry memberships, and business references. As is the case with any product, pet sitter services, standards, and experience vary widely.  Do not take stated credentials at face value. Not all pet sitters have the qualifications they claim to have or need to have to properly care for your pets. Verify their insurance and references then follow your gut instinct. You will also sleep better at night knowing you have done your research. In the end, after your research is done, you will discover that Choices Pet Sitters Professional In-Home Pet Sitting is vital for the security and emotional stability of your pets. Come check us out!


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