Pet Gallery #9

A Calm and Steady “Routine”

Routine is the keystone of our business. We always attempt to be consistent in our movements and repetitive in our routine on each visit. (To humans watching on a security camera this may be downright boring to see the same tasks repeated in the same order at every visit but this allows you and your pet to know what to expect.) 

Shadow 2Sophie (cat)Pet Gallery - Peru Hank (dog)ButtonsPet Gallery - CookieBit (cat)Rex (dog)Penny (dog)Pet Gallery - ScooterWeegeeEthelSparkieHazeltineTiggerRo #3SashaPet Gallery - Cutie PieDandy

On each visit, we work to get the pet’s consent to handling so their fear and anxiety are lessened especially if medical care is involved. And as your pet moves from baby, to adolescent, to adult, to senior, and finally to geriatric, we want to be there to comfort and care for them when you are away.

StarSiamSissyBuddyNashDCMOZoeyLaceeBooPet Gallery - SydneyPet Gallery - DexterFinleyPiperPet Gallery - Phin

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