Pet Gallery #8

Each pet is a special individual in our eyes

Whether we take pictures of your pets or not, know that we have the best time learning about each one’s personality, likes, dislikes, and tickle spots! While some of the pets below don’t have tickle spots or even enjoy being touched, they all enjoy a little mental stimulation in their day. 

Boobin (rabbit)Pet Gallery - MouseyPet Gallery - OreoAtlasFreshwater fish #3Tank (turtle)Coco (African Grey Parrot)Ringneck DovePet Gallery - MayaDove HutchPet Gallery - RodneyBeakyPeckie

They seem to enjoy interacting with us and most can tell us, just like dogs, that their food goes “right here.” We have as much fun interacting with them as they do with us!

GoldieDove nestingPet Gallery - KarmaPet Gallery - ShellyShelly's habitat

More cats and dogs we’ve had the pleasure of sharing our time with are in Pet Gallery #9.