45-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

45-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

For families with a combination of 3 small pets (including small dogs, cats, pocket pets, small birds, and or a freshwater fish tank), those with 2-3 small to large dogs (of the same age), or those wanting more enrichment for their pets, a 45-minute drop-in pet sitting visit from a Choices Pet Sitter Professional is scheduled. For dogs, these visits are scheduled at least 2-3 times per day for dogs who do not have access outside to relieve themselves.

Our goal: To provide just enough physical and mental exercise to keep your dogs happy, your home intact, and your stress level low.

A 45-minute visit includes:

Rinse / Wipe down / Refill food and water bowls

30-minute dog walk / exercise in yard / kitty litter scooping

Social interaction

A Meet & Greet Consultation is required at least 72 hours prior to the start of service.

Pet Pro will travel up to 8 driving miles to your location.

Note: As a professional pet sitting company we believe in the safety and wellbeing of your pet. For this reason, we DO NOT offer every-other-day service (EOD). 

(Timeframes are specified within a three hour period to allow for travel time, unexpected pet or house issues, as well as to allow services in the same area to be completed consecutively if possible. Exact times are not guaranteed)

Time frames available:


8am - 9am


10am - 12pm


1pm - 3pm


4pm - 6pm


Prices start at $36 per 45-minute visit.

An additional $6 per visit fee applies on major holidays which goes directly to the sitter to compensate for their time away from family on the holiday.

Note: Late night drop-in visits (between the hours of 7 pm and 9 pm) are available for an additional $10 fee.


Clients outside of an 8-mile radius from our Hwy 515 / Hwy 53 service location can be custom quoted if sitters are available.

What to expect on your pet sitting visit from a professional

Choices Pet Sitters Services

At Choices Pet Sitters reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet is our goal. We want your pet to feel comfortable while you are away. While we care for dogs and cats we also care for other pets who must remain home due to size, limited off-site professional options, the danger of exposure to pathogens, and a variety of other reasons. By coming to your home to visit, rather than removing your pet from your home, we satisfy the basic pet care needs of pets who might otherwise fail to thrive in another location while you are away. While no one can replace YOU as your pet’s stable and steady companion, an educated Choices Pet Sitters In-Home Pet Sitter is an important consideration for your pet’s safety and long-term well being. We want to be there for you. What are you waiting for? Click on the buttons to find out more about the pet sitting services you are interested in for your family.
NOTE: We are not a kennel and do NOT board/kennel pets off your property. As professional pet sitters, we come to your home for service.
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