Pet Gallery #3

Big or small we love them all!

Choices Pet Sitters has no breed preferences when watching and caring for dogs. We do, however, have limited staff that can handle large breed dogs comfortably and safely. Large-sized dogs are something we pre-plan for as their weight is important. Whether they are leash-reactive, fearful, or are elderly and have trouble walking as they age, we want to be sure we are ready with the staff that is best qualified to meet their needs as well as yours.

Pet Gallery - ShylohLady JamesPet Gallery - CarmaPet Gallery - TomCali GThe Pet Gallery - ContessaFredMacy - catPet Gallery - JackPandora Pet Gallery - GeorgiaPet Gallery - KodaFritzBellaPet Gallery - Piper

Over the years each individual pet has taught us something about themselves during our time together. Our bond grows as we listen to their needs and wants. For this reason, our goal is for you to keep the same primary sitter for as long as you request service from us.

CookiePet Gallery - GabiePet Gallery - BoKayla #2MontyPet Gallery - JaguarPet Gallery - AbbieTanqueray - treePet Gallery - FrankieNapoleon #2Pet Gallery - Sarah MargaretRosie

One thing we love to do is watch the eyes. With animals, words are not always necessary. Simple one-word requests – known today in dog training circles as “cues” rather than by the old harsh term “commands” – are often understood by animals. But hand signals and body language are often much easier for them to understand. Almost every dog owner has experienced the body language of their dog when they look to their human companion and then to the counter where their dog treats are located. Who needs words to understand what they are asking in that situation! 

Skittles - Cat TreeTuxedo LillyPet Gallery - CaesarPet Gallery - DukeGracie #1FionaBuffettCobyWinston #1ShoesPrincessPet Gallery - ZoeyPet Gallery - BenPet Gallery - Sam 2Pet Gallery - Pumpkin


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