Pet Gallery #4

Over the Years

Over the years we’ve had a chance to meet a lot of pets. Some were shy, some were boisterous, some were elderly, and some were chill. With these experiences and the help of continuing education through organizations like Pet Sitters International, Pet Professional Guild, The Association for Pet Dog Trainers, and more, we have learned a lot more about how animals think, feel, and respond to the world around them.

Pet Gallery - Boo BooShadow #1Pepper HCrashDixiePet Gallery - DanerysPet Gallery - RosieRickyPet Gallery - KhanTyrion L (Fuzzy)UllaBellaPebblesStinker #1

Not all pets are sure about a stranger in their home at first, especially new pets who are decompressing after coming out of a shelter situation. That’s understandable. Eventually, with our continuing education and experience, we win most of them over and they come out of hiding and relax in our presence.

Baby GirlDearieHowieBellaPet Gallery - LilyLukePet Gallery - CodyPet Gallery - MiloSophiePet Gallery - HoneyMaggie #1Pet Gallery - BearPet Gallery - JuniorPet Gallery - K.C.Pet Gallery - Cooper

That feeling of “connection” with the pet and their acceptance of us in their home makes all the patience in the world worth it!

DaisyPet Gallery - BeakerPet Gallery - GabbyPet Gallery - Sophia LorenPet Gallery - PepperPet Gallery - BuddyPet Gallery - BabyGunnerPet Gallery - Simon (Feline)Pet Gallery - Miss KittyPet Gallery - Shy AnnPet Gallery - HomeyPet Gallery - RhettPet Gallery - Coco

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