Choices Pet Sitters is bonded and insured and a proud member of Pet Sitters International. 

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Pet sitting services may be a business to some and a "gig" for others, but at Choices Pet Sitters we're different! We consider pet sitting to be a business AND an art form. Over the years we've finely crafted our pet sitting procedures by listening to the needs of the human requesting the service and to the animals we will be interacting with during our visits to your home. From the puppy or kitten season of life to the geriatric season, we want to be a partner in your pet care. Our goal is to be sure that your pet feels comfortable at home by alleviating as much fear, anxiety, or stress that they may feel while you are away. Our Manager is a Fear Free® Elite Certified and Low Stress Handling® Certified - Silver Professional, is trained in PetTech® CPR and First Aid, and has dog training skills to keep your pet's safety and comfort in mind. Dog walking, another of the services we offer, has been especially important in helping leash-reactive or fear sensitive dogs gain a new sense of self-confidence in what to expect on a walk or pet care visit. It also helps them gain new social skills especially important for rescue dogs who may not have had these opportunities in the past. By building your dog's confidence it will help them learn to walk calmly and comfortably on a leash. This strengthens the human-animal bond between the pet and their human companion and makes daily walks less stressful. It's a win-win for all concerned! * * * * Give us a call today at 678-809-DOGS(3647) to find out how Choices Pet Sitters can help you with your personal pet care needs.


Velo #1 - Cropped Short

30-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

A 30-minute drop-in pet sitting visit is perfect for 1-3 cats, one large dog, or two small dogs about the same age. Caring for pocket pets, small bird…

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2 dogs

45-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

For families with up to 3 cats, a combination of 3 small pets, those with 2-3 small to large dogs (of the same age), or those wanting more enrichment …

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4 dogs

60-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

A 60-minute drop-in visit from a Choices Pet Sitter Professional is scheduled for families with 3-4 pets, those with dogs prone to separation anxiety …

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Exercise – Dog walking

Dog walking helps loosen stiff joints, releases excess energy, offers mental stimulation, and provides a good dose of Vitamin D when it’s sunny …

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Pet Gallery - Rambo

Mini-Farm Pet Sitting Visits

If your “menagerie” includes chickens, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, mules, or horses, in addition to dogs, cats, and other domestic pets,…

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Basic Overnight Stays

Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

With Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays your Pet Pro employee stays overnight for 11 hours, with up to two pets sleeping in your designated area at bed…

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Overnight Stays

Extended Overnight Pet Sitting Stays (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

With Extended Overnight Pet Sitting Stays your Pet Pro employee stays overnight for 12 hours, with up to two pets sleeping in your designated area at …

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Our Pet Sitters are employees, not independent contractors.
We hire, rather than subcontract, so that we can set high standards of care.