Pet Gallery #5

Time Passes

It is so much fun watching these pets grow up, come out of their shell and out of hiding, and behave the way they normally would. What “normal” is may be surprising to some of their human companions who sometimes tell us their pet is more social or willing to accept attention from them than before we starting visiting them.

Clawdia #3Pet Gallery - NikkiPet Gallery - TillyPet Gallery - Mr. PeanutThe Pet Gallery - VioletPet Gallery - AlicePet Gallery - MickeyThe Pet Gallery - SmokeyPet Gallery - Dharma

Decompression and relaxation are wonderful things and make your pet much more comfortable and less prone to stress-related illnesses. Staying at home where they feel most comfortable is the best thing for cats and many dogs, especially if they have lost their hearing or vision or are reactive to other animals in the vicinity.

Pet Gallery - BuddyPet Gallery - RajahPet Gallery - SylvesterPet Gallery - WilsonCayleeThe Pet Gallery - The Awesome Ms DawsonPet Gallery - KatieNovaleePet Gallery - Bella

And with continuing education, we began to find new ways to communicate with the pets we cared for. The animals responded in ways we could not have imagined we could capture in a photo. It was taking less and less time to get the “good photos” we were looking for.

Pet Gallery - Zsa ZsaRenata - PuppyBenderPet Gallery - BobThe Pet Gallery - LuccarioDarbyFeral ClowderLacy #2

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