Pet Gallery #10

Pet Photography!

As the years passed we incorporated pet photography into our business to help pet owners utilize the special bond we have with their pets to help capture the moments they want to remember forever. Can you believe when we started in 2005 the best way for clients to know we were on-site was to call from a land-line?! Now clients don’t want to just know we are at their home. They prefer to see what their furry, finned, and feathered friends are doing on our visits so texting visit photos is now the norm in the pet sitting industry.

GeorgiaColbyDoodleInkySargentGraceKaylaCadenceDoodle BugBillieMackPet Gallery - NortonBellaSlideBoots #1

In the early days, we used a separate handheld camera to take our photos. They weren’t usually safe around water troughs, but digital devices weren’t readily available back then. Photos were grainy and often cloudy. And of course, we were still honing our pet photography skills back then (VERY different than still life photo skills) as we were getting to know each pet.

ChristmasBaby KittySadieLunaMollyKhanGigi HarryTaliCaliCoco ChanelFeral CalicoBoSocksWinston and Buddy

With experience, we were able to capture more of the pet’s personality in a photo. We know just how special your pets are to you because we can see it too! For that reason, they are just as special to us as they go through the stages of life and we want to be there to capture those moments for you. Pet photography is available by calling the Choices Pet Sitters office at 687/ 809-DOGS (3647) and setting up an appointment with Linda, our Fear Free® Elite Professional Pet Photographer. (Note: The photography appointments usually yield the best results if Linda has spent some time with your pets in the past as she has developed a relationship with your pets that transcend into some of the more unique photos you see above.)

Pet Gallery - PandaPet Gallery - WoodrowThe Pet Gallery - CaliCee CeeLilyCandieThe Pet Gallery - GabriellaPet Gallery - Hermione

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