Remember on that first visit the pet sitter representative is still a stranger to your pet, so there will be a short period where you and your pet need time to get acquainted with this new person. It may take a few days before your pet becomes accustomed to a new caretaker. Even if it is only a once-in-a while arrangement,  professional pet sitters know that a few extra minutes on those first visits with your pet will earn them a friend for life. Seeing this, customers will refer them to other potential pet “parents” as a responsible, personable, and reliable in-home pet sitter.

You may want to meet with your sitter after the first vacation away from your pet. Watch to see how your pet(s) greet the sitter when you have come back from your trip. Like toddler “day care” it is advisable to watch your pet to see if there may have been any issues while you were gone that may necessitate a different pet sitter. Each animal is different, and you want the best for your pets. If there are you may want to consider another sitter. as pets, like people have a personal preference.