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30-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

Velo #1 - Cropped Short

A 30-minute drop-in pet sitting visit is perfect for 1-3 cats, one large dog, or two small dogs about the same age. Caring for pocket pets, small birds, and feeding of freshwater fish are also available if no dogs or cats are present. (More than 1-3 cats or two small dogs of differing ages will […]

45-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

2 dogs

For families with up to 3 cats, a combination of 3 small pets, those with 2-3 small to large dogs (of the same age), or those wanting more enrichment for their pets, a 45-minute drop-in pet sitting visit from a Choices Pet Sitter Professional is scheduled. (You can also schedule 1-3 cats and two small […]

60-Minute Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

4 dogs

A 60-minute drop-in visit from a Choices Pet Sitter Professional is scheduled for families with 3-4 pets, those with dogs prone to separation anxiety or dogs of differing ages who need walks, and for those wanting exercise and enrichment for high energy or bigger dogs. Visits are scheduled at least 2-3 times per day for […]

Exercise – Dog walking


Dog walking helps loosen stiff joints, releases excess energy, offers mental stimulation, and provides a good dose of Vitamin D when it’s sunny outside! (In inclement weather, and for some dogs with mobility problems or leash reactivity, a good trek on a treadmill or the “Find” game for mental stimulation is a good alternative.) Choices […]

Mini-Farm Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Gallery - Rambo

If your “menagerie” includes chickens, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, mules, or horses, in addition to dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, Mini-Farm Visits are for you. These visits are custom quoted depending on the services you need and the time it will take us to properly care for each pet properly. All farm visits start […]

Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays

Basic Overnight Stays

With Basic Overnight Pet Sitting Stays your Pet Pro employee stays overnight for 11 hours, with up to two pets sleeping in your designated area at bedtime. During waking hours your Pet Pro will rinse, wipe down, and refill food and water bowls. The Pet Pro will also sweep or mop around the feeding areas, litter […]