Get A Real Pet Sitter - Always be sure Professional Pet Sitters vs. Part-Time Hobby Sitters

Prices and standards of care in the pet sitting industry can vary widely. Not all pet sitters have the qualifications they claim to have or need to have to properly care for your pets. Some pet sitters charge premium rates for their services to match the "going rate" they see online but they have no prior paid pet care experience. Some do not have valid references or insurance. For your protection it is best to look for the most experienced and best trained individuals to get the best value. Call on association memberships, ask for references, check out their portfolio. Find the best pet care provider for your pets. You will sleep better at night knowing you have done your research. Note: (1)   We do not provide every other day (EOD) service for cats. (2)  All dogs visited will have NO LESS THAN two visits per day unless in a kennel situation with outdoor access to relieve themselves. (3)  For our safety, the safety of your pet, and to be sure your pet gets the care you want, a Meet and Greet before services start is a prerequisite to scheduling. Many dogs will react differently with a caregiver when you are there with them.

Our Manager will need to assess your dog's temperament, previous obedience training, and energy level so that we have an idea of how they might behave when you are not at home. Then she'll match your pets with the appropriately trained pet sitter. (4)  Reactive dogs will be handled on a case by case basis based on behavior at the Meet and Greet consultation. If the request for service is accepted the visits will be set up for no less than a 60-minute drop-in service performed by our Manager who is a Fear Free® Certified Professional with dog handling experience and additional training. 

About our prices and service

Choices Pet Sitters prices and length of visits are based on years of experience working with many different species of pets. We are not your typical “drop-and-run” type of pet care provider. All visits are based on the best care practices for your pet’s species, age, physical condition, and temperament. We pride ourselves in giving your pet the individual attention that they need to thrive while you are away.

Drop-in pet sitting prices are quoted based on a 8 mile radius from our Noah Drive address, while Overnight Stay Visits are quoted based upon a 10 mile radius from our address. If you are outside of this area, don’t fret! Pet care services outside of this area are custom quoted. Often the difference is nominal.

We base our prices on the time we feel it will take to properly care for your pets with high-quality service. We don’t skimp on time. That being said we strive to provide more personal service at home than you can get at a kennel for about the same price especially in a multiple pet household.

*** Please note: Our best care practices and insurance coverage do not allow us to service kitty clients any less than once per day.

What to expect

We are proud to be bonded and insured professionals whose business is based on a mutual respect for the pet owners and their pets. Choices Pet Sitters staff will wipe down and refill food and water bowls at each pet sitting or dog walking visit. Our motto being that “if we wouldn’t eat out of the bowl, neither will your pet.” We will also sweep around the kitty litter box and wipe it down as needed.

Our goal is to make your pet feel comfortable while you are away. We will keep a watchful eye on their eating habits, elimination, energy and stress level. Then we modify our visit activities accordingly.

An experienced professional will know that a toy poodle will not have the same nutritional, mental, or exercise requirements as a working dog. Your Choices Pet Sitters pro will take a little extra time on the first visit getting to know your pet, assessing their physical and mental needs, and developing a rapport with them. At Choices Pet Sitters, we don’t charge for this extra time on the first visit. We use this time to develop the foundation for a safe, long lasting, and healthy relationship with your pets.

Our sitters pay extra attention to things that might be unusual since our last visit. We check lower level door and window locks for security, check floors for debris that might have been knocked over or chewed since the last visit, pick up mail and newspapers, bring up trash bins, and generally give your home that “lived in” look. This attention to detail helps your home remain secure so we can come and go safely.

Choices Pet Sitters is bonded and insured and a proud member of Pet Sitters International.

Pet Sitters International MemberCertified Professional Pet SitterFear Free Elite CertifiedInsured by Business Insurers of the CarolinasLSH Silver CertificationPet Tech TrainedAcutraq logo 130    

Our Pet Sitters are employees, not independent contractors.
We hire, rather than subcontract, so that we can set high standards of care.