Dog Walker

Dog WalkerWhat is a Dog Walker

A dog walker has steadily come into great demand as many people work long hours away from home.  Your dog can’t always wait for you to get home especially if they are a puppy or senior dog. That’s where experienced professional dog walkers come in!

Rain or shine our dog walking professional comes to your home to give your dog exercise to expel his excess energy, let them relieve themselves outside, and offer much needed mental stimulation with the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors! This extra mid-day outing helps your dog avoid potential “accidents” in your home.

For the welfare of your pet, and to make coming home less stressful after a long day of work, consider having a Choices Pet Sitter Professional exercise your furry friend while you are still hours away from heading home. Your dog and your spouse will appreciate it!

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