Five common myths of pet sitting

Five common myths of pet sitting

 The pet sitting industry is still new enough that many people don’t take it seriously and devise their own “realities” about it. Following are some popular misconceptions about pet sitting in general.

1. A pet sitter will be more expensive

 The average cost of boarding a single cat in the Dallas area is $18.00. Your cat stays in a cage, in a room filled with other cats in cages. Yes, it’s fed and has water and may even get some personal attention for a few minutes out of the day. An in-home visit by a Professional Pet Sitter is about the same price. Your cats get the undivided attention of a professional pet sitter, in their own home. They are fed, watered, the litter box is cleaned daily. When they are alone, they are in the familiar comfort of their home with no strange animals around them.

Dogs may be a little more expensive when it comes to pet sitting because at least two visits are usually required. But remember, you’ll have to pay that boarding fee for EACH dog! And again, your dog is in his own home receiving absolute undivided attention.

Aside from the cost of the actual boarding services, you have to figure in the cost of transporting your pet to and from the boarding facility and treating any little “bugs” they pick up when housed in such close proximity to other pets.
There’s just no contest as what will cost more in the end!

2. My pets will be lonely and scared

Are they lonely and scared while you’re at work during the day?

If you were your pet, would you be more scared at home alone or in a strange place surrounded by other animals and strange smells and noises?

Your pets are always more comfortable and feel safer in their own familiar surroundings.

3. “Pet Sitter” is just a glorified term for someone between jobs

Pet sitting is way too hard to do as a filler. There’s a lot to keep track of, a lot of physical activity, and the responsibility that goes along with pet sitting is HUGE!

A Professional Pet Sitting company is just that – professional. Many have been in business for years and are active in industry associations such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International. Many professionals have attended multiple pet sitting conferences. And many also hold the title of “Certified Professional Pet Sitter”, which consists of a full college semester equivalent of study and rigorous testing.

4. The neighbor kid can do the same thing for a lot less

The neighbor kid can do something for a lot less, but not the same thing a professional can do. First of all a kid hasn’t been trained to properly act in an emergency situation. Do they know what to do if your dog is choking, vomiting, bloated, having trouble breathing? Probably not. Are they insured, bonded, experienced? Probably not. There are multiple sad stories of how someone hired the neighbor kid and came home to discover their animals in distress or dead because the kid never came over. It’s just not worth taking a chance!

5. Pet Sitting is only for dogs

Pet sitting is for all animals AND your home! Your pet sitter will care for your dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small furry things, aquariums, and almost anything else you can think of! Plus, because your home is being visited daily, that same pet sitter will notice if anything is awry, such as a gas leak or home intrusion. And to avoid the temptation of an empty house, your sitter can rotate blinds or shades, rotate lights on and off, bring in papers, packages and mail. Basically making your home look like someone is indeed there.

So the bottom line is, when you’re out of town a Professional Pet Sitter is the best bet to keep your home safe and your pets happy and healthy. Call on a Professional Pet Sitter the next time you’re planning a trip. You won’t be disappointed!


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