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Professional Memberships Offer Training and Networking Opportunities

Professional memberships in industry specific organizations, whether the company as a whole is a member, or individual pet care professionals have chosen to join on their own individually, make our company stronger. Furthermore, these groups help us grow by sharing the most current and best practices in the industry. We are proud to share what we know with our clients and through our work.

Company Memberships

Pet Sitters International LogoPUPS Logo Pet Sit USA Member




Manager’s Individual Memberships

Our Manager has taken extra steps to learn more about the industry and animal behavior. In addition, Linda is 1 of the first 20 of Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free Certified Professionals in Georgia. Pickens County is lucky to call her the first Fear Free Professional in the county! She also holds individual memberships in the organizations below.


Supporting MemberPet Professional Guild - Pet Parent Membership TICA Membership


DogGone Safe Membership-Certificate-2019          APDT Membership Certificate






Pet Parent Memberships

All of our sitters have their own pets. As a pet owner several organizations offer “Pet Parent” memberships. These memberships provide information to pet owners about pet care, pet health, and more. Any pet parent has the opportunity to join the organizations below as an pet parent.

Most noteworthy is that, while not required for her job, our Manager wanted to learn about pet care from both sides of the pet care spectrum so she joined as a Pet Parent! Very few other pet sitters take that extra step to provide you with better service!



Pet Parent Membership National Association of Professional Pet Sitters